All our clinics are still welcoming patients. However, if you are unwell or awaiting Covid results, please re-schedule your appointment. We have Covid-safe measures in place and your health is our priority.

About Us

How We Make A Difference

SunDoctors is an organisation dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of skin cancer with streamlined, doctor-led processes and excellent facilities and equipment.

Doctors at our skin cancer clinics are highly skilled and experts in the field of skin cancer. Our clinics are integrated with our own specialised pathology laboratory, the largest in Australia, focusing entirely on skin.

What We Offer

For patients, SunDoctors is focused to give the highest possible certainty and complete solution for their immediate and ongoing skin cancer diagnosis and treatment.

We pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality of medical care, coupled with an excellent patient experience

How We Are Different

Our dedicated skin cancer pathology lab – Southern Sun Pathology exists to save lives by most effectively and efficiently diagnosing skin cancer.

The team of pathologists at our lab are focused on skin cancer diagnosis and have additional training and experience in dermatopathology. They have a unique experience utilising dermatoscopic and clinicopathologic correlations in the diagnosis of skin cancer.

Why We Do What We Do

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