As part of our service to the local community, SunDoctors has been out and about talking to community groups, businesses and doctors about skin cancer. It is crucial that all community members are aware of the risks and grave consequences associated with skin cancer.

Most importantly, skin cancer is generally a preventable disease. We pride ourselves on providing the community with the information, skills and resources to prevent skin cancer.

SunDoctors also sponsors a number of sporting clubs in the local areas. We have developed wonderful relationships with these clubs and their members and are more than happy to become a part of your local club.

If you are part of a community group or sporting club who would like us to speak with members about skin cancer, or are interested in sponsorship from SunDoctors please contact us for more information.

Dr Ian Katz sharing post match refreshments

Dr Ian Katz sharing post match refreshments with representatives from Pennant Hills Bowling Club