Your Questions about Sunburn and Sun Exposure, Answered

As Aussies we’re more informed and aware of keeping our skin healthy and protected than ever before, but there are still some uncertainties that can arise from time to time. Here are the answers to some of the most common questions we hear from patients about sun exposure risks and […]

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3 Tips to Protect Your Eyes Against Sun Damage

As of 2007, Cancer Council Australia now tells us to slide on some sunnies as well as slipping on protective clothing, slopping on sunscreen, slapping on a hat and seeking shade. But can sun exposure really affect the way we see the world, and can you really get sunburned eyes […]

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Is Heat Stroke Different to Heat Exhaustion?


As much as we love the warm weather in Australia, it can cause its fair share of problems. We’ve covered how to treat and avoid sunburn, but how much do you know about heat stroke and heat exhaustion? Let’s examine the signs and effects so you can recognise them if […]

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The ABCDEs of Skin Cancer Detection

Skin cancers count for around 80% of all newly diagnosed cancers, and amongst these melanoma is the most dangerous type. The good news is that most types of skin cancer can be successfully treated if detected early. If you aren’t yet familiar with the skin cancer signs of ABCDE, let’s […]

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Why Outdoor Workers Need to be Sun Smart

Working outdoors can keep you fit and out in the fresh air every day, but whether you’re a farmer, a fisherman or working in construction, have you considered how your job could increase your risk of skin cancer?




We know that around 95% of melanomas, considered the most dangerous skin cancer […]

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Where on the Body Can Skin Cancer Hide?

It’s all too common to hear about skin cancer on the face, nose and ears, but not all skin cancers develop in obvious sun-exposed areas. As we’re about to find out, it’s important to check over your entire body for any potential symptoms of skin cancer.

Where do skin cancers most […]

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How Does the Sun Affect Different Skin Types?

Anyone who has pale or freckly skin has probably heard their fair share of warnings to stay out of the sun.  So are some skin types and tones really more inclined to develop skin cancers than others? As it turns out, the answer is yes.
Are fair skinned people more likely […]

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How effective and safe is powder sunscreen?

There are many powder sunscreens on the market, tailored to those who wear makeup throughout the day or those who have skin allergies or sensitivities. But how good is powdered sunscreen at protecting you? Let’s take a look at powder sunscreen’s effectiveness, safety and alternatives.
How safe and effective is powder […]

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How do sun safe clothes protect you from the sun?

We all know we should slip on clothing when in the sun as part of the SunSmart slip, slop, slap, seek and slide message, but what exactly does sun protective clothing involve – and how do we find the best choices? Let’s find out.

Firstly, what is sun safe clothing and […]

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Why winter is a great time to have a skin check

Think of summer, and you’re likely to think of sun. Winter? Not so much! Regardless, the cooler months can actually be the perfect time to have your skin checked by a skin cancer specialist, and here’s why…

Skin cancer isn’t seasonal

Skin cancer doesn’t conveniently stick to the seasons, and in […]

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