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Exposure To Sunburns Early in Life Raises Risk for Skin Cancer

Sun protection is an important concern for all Australian citizens. For caring parents, this concern is multiplied. In light of a recent study published in Cancer Epidemology, Biomarkers and Prevention, doctors are now calling for parents to pay greater attention to their children’s skin care. The article suggests that the […]

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Skin cancer: Sunscreen ‘not complete protection’

Recent research concerning the relationship between skin cancer and ultra violet light has shed new light on the role sunscreen plays in skin protection. This study shows that sunscreen does not provide complete and comprehensive protection against ultra violet light, meaning even individuals who ensure to apply sunscreen can be […]

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New Skin Cancer Drug Showing Promising Results

A recent report released at a conference hosted by the American Society of Clinical Oncology in Chicago has identified two new drugs that hold enormous potential for patients experiencing skin cancer in its more advanced stages. The drugs are called ‘pembrolizumab’ and ‘nivolumab’ and both work in similar ways, restricting […]

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Sunburn and Risk of Skin Cancer

A recent study, published in the medical journal Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention, outlines a number of findings significant to any individual conscious about the health of their skin. The study was composed of over 100,000 Caucasian nurses and collected information regarding their skin health over a period of 20 […]

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