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Presidents Rx: Gel Nails and the risk of cancer

While the risk of skin cancer resulting from excessive exposure to sunlight is an increasingly common concern for individuals globally, the skin cancer risks affiliated with the use of artificial lighting is only just now becoming understood. In a recent statement released by the Skin Cancer Foundation, individuals concerned about […]

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Sunblock and The Fear of Skin Cancer

Australia has one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world. Numerous humanitarian organisations, medical coalitions and political campaigns have attempted to reduce these concerning numbers through the education of Australian citizens in regards to the risks of sun exposure. While such initiatives have succeeded in varying degrees, […]

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How to Check a Mole on Your Skin for Skin Cancer

Due to the geographical position of our country, Australians experience a much higher risk of obtaining skin cancer than do citizens of other countries. First and foremost, preventative skin care is the best means of allaying this risk. By applying sunscreen, wearing appropriate clothing and avoiding exposure to the sun […]

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