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Skin Cancer Patients Call for Sun Bed Ban

A recent campaign undertaken in New Zealand is calling for the prohibition of sun tanning beds. A similar ban has recently been imposed in Australia, due to recognition of the contribution that the ultraviolet rays used in artificial skin tanning can make to the contraction of melanoma. There are over […]

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This Maybe The Most Convincing Sunscreen Ad Ever Seen

A recent video published by artist Thomas Leveritt has gone viral. This video is not an advert- Leveritt simply attaches UV filters the lens of his camera to highlight the drastic difference that the application of sun screen can make to the restriction and blockage of UV rays. While the […]

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What Actually Happens When You Get A Sunburn?

Skin Cancer has become a more prominent issue due to the increasing threat of global warming. Doctors worldwide have called for patients to make greater efforts in their education and protective practices as a means of protecting themselves and their families from this illness. This means informing people of the […]

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Things You Are Doing Wrong to Prevent Skin Cancer

Melanoma, the most common kind of skin cancer, has seen a global increase. It is more important than ever for people to understand this risk, and to take appropriate, preventative care. Perhaps most important element of such care is dependent on an understanding of what the process of tanning actually […]

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