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Sunscreen Exposed: The Quandary About Covering Up

Sunburn is incredibly common within Australia. Each weekend, as many as 330,000 people experience sunburn, which is directly associated with the increased risk of skin cancer we experience in Australia. This means, every weekend, as many people as constitute the population of our nation’s capital experience potential to contract life-threatening […]

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Smaller Bathing Suits, Bigger Skin Cancer Risks

A new study performed at New York University has published interesting findings regarding rising rates of skin cancer. This research was led by Dr. David Polsky, New York University’s Professor of Dermatological Oncology. These study has found direct correlation between increasing skin cancer rates and fashion.

This is not only regards […]

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Can Tattoo’s increase the risk of getting Skin Cancer?

Tattoos are increasing in popularity, and the stigma surrounding body art has receded massively within the past few decades. Following this influx, recently there has been attention given to the relationship between tattoos and an increased risk of skin cancer.

While studies concerned with this correlation have been largely inconclusive, it […]

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