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A Life-Saving Spot: Hockey Fan Saves an Assistant Manager’s Life

In melanoma news overseas, The New York Times has recently shared the story of a hockey fan who saved the Vancouver Canuck’s assistant equipment manager’s life.

The fan, Nadia Popovici was watching the game when she looked down and saw a worrisome mole on the back of Brian Hamilton’s neck. Through […]

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How You Can Keep Your Baby Safe in the Sun

Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in Australia, New Zealand, and the US, and it is a common misconception that babies and children are exempt from the danger of the sun’s harsh rays. Ultraviolet Radiation (UV) is accumulative and the damage that causes skin cancer can begin […]

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Discover the Best Sunscreens for Your Face, Australia…

Ask any good dermatologist, skincare professional or beauty therapist and they will likely say that sunscreen is the most important product for your beauty regime. The sun is the biggest cause of premature ageing on the skin, and a simple slathering of sunscreen under your makeup can do what hundreds […]

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How COVID-19 Has Made Skin Cancer More Deadly

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted many industries, from forced closures of restaurants to limiting retail services and even forcing hospitals and aged care homes to revert to a skeleton staff. The flow-on effect of these impacts is widespread, with some being evident and immediate, and others not set to reveal […]

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8 of the Best Powder Sunscreens for Australian Sun

Sunscreen is becoming more and more important with every year that goes by, no matter where you are in Australia. Even if you’re spending your days in lockdown or an office, SPF is still an integral, if not the most important, aspect of your skincare year-round. Clouds and windows don’t […]

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How to Protect Your Skin While Travelling?

With the country starting to open again, people are travelling around Australia more than ever, meaning their skin is more exposed to the harsh Australian sun. For example, if you’re local to Tasmania and travelling to Cairns – your skin will experience a much different type of sun exposure than […]

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What Does Skin Cancer Look Like?

Terms like skin cells, melanoma and treatment may seem overwhelming and our aim is to bring you the latest in skin cancer information so you can feel well informed to provide regular self-skin checks. Skin cancer is common in both men and women and can range from highly treatable to […]

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Australia’s National Skin Check Day – February 25

Australia has one of the highest rates of melanoma in the world. Two out of three Australians can expect to be diagnosed with skin cancer by the age of 70.

In 2004, Jason Sprott, the founder of Mates Against Melanoma, became one of the many Australian’s diagnosed with melanoma. Today he […]

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What Does the Sun Do to Your Skin to Cause Cancer?

In Australia, one person is diagnosed with the skin cancer every half an hour. Additionally, two out of three Australians can expect to be diagnosed with skin cancer by the age of 70. Yet we remain complacent about what damage the sun does to our skin, and how to protect […]

Shadow Treasurer – Jim Chalmers, Diagnosed with Skin Cancer

Shadow Treasurer Jim Chalmers has revealed he was recently diagnosed with skin cancer.

“Last week I became one of around 16,000 Australians diagnosed with skin cancer this year.  I’d mentioned to my doctor in passing that a darker than usual mole had appeared on my chest. Subsequent tests showed it was a melanoma.”

Jim Chalmers […]

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