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How can you support skin cancer research at your level

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A lot of people have been affected or have seen loved ones affected by skin cancer, and would love to get involved in supporting skin cancer research. However, they don’t know exactly how to get started. There are a lot of options out there that can provide serious support for skin cancer research, so it is simply a matter of choosing the one that suits you best. Here are some of the best ways you can support skin cancer research at your level:

Donate to skin cancer research

Perhaps the simplest way to support skin cancer research is to donate directly to foundations that are involved, such as the Australian Melanoma Research Foundation or Melanoma Institute of Australia. This will help provide much needed funding for research into treatment and early detection, clinical trials and education programs. It is one of the easiest ways to directly impact the success of skin cancer research in Australia and help the development of better treatment options.

Get involved in an event

If you want to get a little more personally involved then a great option is to volunteer in an event that helps raise awareness and funds for skin cancer and associated medical research. One of the great events of the year is Skin Cancer Action Week, which takes place at the start of summer every year and focuses on educating the public on how to be sun smart and on improving skin cancer awareness.

Start a fundraiser

If you would rather create your own event rather than get involved in someone else’s then a great idea is to do your own fundraiser. It can be as simple as a stall in your children’s school, asking your friends to sponsor you as you take on a challenge or throwing an event at your work to fundraise some money for skin cancer research.

Get your company involved

One of the best ways to help from a corporate standpoint is to get your company involved. Not only do businesses have funds that can help progress skin cancer research but they often have the skills and technology that not-for-profit organisations can lack. Some great ideas for how to help include corporate partnerships, cause related marketing, sponsorship, event engagement and encouraging workplace giving through in kind donations.

Share your cancer story

Many people in Australia are going through the same hardship as you or your loved ones. Sharing your cancer story, either as someone who has had personal experience with skin cancer or someone who has supported a friend, partner or family member through their hard time, can be a real source of support and inspiration for others. Hearing real life stories of people who have been affected by cancer can also do a lot to encourage people to support skin cancer research and help do a lot to progress medical advancements.

Leave a gift in your will

Leaving a charitable gift in your will can make a real difference to cancer patients and the research that’s offering them hope for a better future. It is an impactful way to leave a positive legacy behind and help contribute to reducing the number of skin cancer related deaths in the long term.

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