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The Role of Genetics in Skin Cancer and Melanoma

When you visit SunDoctors for your annual skin check, the doctors will more than likely ask you if you have a family history of skin cancer. This is because melanoma can run in the family, with roughly 10% of melanoma patients reporting a family history […]

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Exploring the Differences in Melanoma Risk Factors and Treatment Options Between Men and Women

It is no secret that the Australian population has one of the highest rates of skin cancer diagnosis and deaths in the world. What you may not be aware of is that melanoma risk factors can vary on a wide range of factors, including your biological […]

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Skin Cancer or Mole: Knowing the difference could save your life

Skin cancer is one of the most common of all human cancers. Early skin cancer diagnosis and management is crucial for preventing its long-term consequences. While regular skin checks are a must, being able to tell the difference between skin cancer […]

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Scalp Skin Cancer: The Hidden Danger Hiding Under Your Hair

Anyone who has had sunburn on their scalp knows it can be painful and difficult to soothe. And while you should wear a hat to protect your head, people don't often apply sunscreen to their scalp. When scalps are also covered in hair, detecting suspicious […]

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Does Skin Cancer Hurt? + Signs & Prevention

People often wonder whether skin cancer hurts. Skin cancers do not normally hurt to touch. Unlike some types of cancers which can cause symptoms such as physical pain, usually the first indication of skin cancer is simply a change in the appearance […]

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Is Skin Cancer Itchy? The Answer May Surprise You...

Skin cancers can become itchy but just because you have itchy skin, doesn't mean it's cancer.  Our biggest organ, skin, protects our bodies. It’s frequently exposed to UV rays and chemicals and therefore rashes and itchy spots can be a common […]

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Are there Symptoms of Skin Cancer? + 8 Signs to Look for

Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer and Australia has one of the highest rates in the world. However, like other types of cancer, skin cancer is easiest to treat if it is detected early. This is why it is so important to understand […]

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5 Reasons Why You Need to Wear Sunscreen Indoors

Whether you're working from home, at the office, or simply spending your weekends indoors, sunscreen is important wherever you are- even indoors. While you may have an industrial-sized bottle near the front door or a tube in your bag for quick reapplication, […]

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Are there Different Types of Skin Cancer? - 3 Types to Watch for

Skin cancer - you've likely heard of it, spent your life trying to avoid it, or experienced it first hand. It refers to an uncontrolled abnormal growth of skin cells caused by exposure to UV rays, and develops primarily on the most sun exposed areas […]

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5 Reasons Why Men Refuse to Get Skin Checks

You don't have to live in Australia for long to realise that skin cancer is a major concern. If you were born after 1980, chances are you've heard 'slip slop slap' on the television and radio for decades, more recently adding 'seek and slide' to the […]

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UV Rays and Some of the UV Exposure Facts

The Sun emits ultraviolet radiation as UVA, UVB, and UVC rays. 98.7% of the ultraviolet radiation that reaches the earth’s surface is UVA since the ozone layer absorbs most, but not all, of the UVB and UVC rays. UVC rays are the highest energy and […]

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What Does the Sun Do to Your Skin to Cause Cancer?

In Australia, one person is diagnosed with the skin cancer every half an hour. Additionally, two out of three Australians can expect to be diagnosed with skin cancer by the age of 70. Yet we remain complacent about what damage the sun does to our skin, […]

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Moles and Freckles. What Are They and What Causes Them?

Our bodies are constantly growing, changing and evolving which means that finding new spots and growths on our skin throughout our live is common. These growths can be caused by any number of factors from normal development to aging or skin damage. […]

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Does Glass Block UV Rays? Sun & Glass Facts You Need To Know

Most people don't spare a thought for the kind of sun protection that the glass around them provides. It's easy to believe that once we're indoors or slip on that fancy pair of sunglasses, we're shielded from the kind of damage that the sun can do. […]

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Top 5 Conditions Often Mistaken For Skin Cancer

Finding a new bump or growth on your skin can be worrisome, particularly if you are a person that is concerned about the health of your skin. Melanoma is the most dangerous type of skin cancer, and in Australia alone, we have more than 13,000 cases […]

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National Skin Cancer Action Week 2023

20-26 November 2023
Every year at the start of summer the Cancer Council Australia and the Australasian College of Dermatologists come together to host a national skin cancer action week, as an important reminder to Australians of the significance of sun safety and early skin cancer detection - encourage friends, family to get a skin check with a GP or Dermatologist.
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