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Understanding the Risks of Skin Cancer from Playing Golf

As an outdoor activity, playing golf has a wide range of health benefits for your body. A deceptively leisurely sport, golf is helpful for staying fit by losing weight and body fat, as well as keeping social. With the average walking distance of a […]

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Flying Too Close to the Sun: The Risks of Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer for Pilots and Flight Crew

Protect yourself in the air and on the ground. With the highest rates of skin cancer in the world, Australians are most at risk of developing melanoma and non-melanoma lesions. Every year, a million non-melanoma skin cancers are treated across […]

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The Dangers of Working in Australia: A Look at Aussie Jobs with the Highest Risk of Skin Cancer and Melanoma

Skin cancer is Australia's cancer. Exposure to our sun's ultraviolet (UV) radiation is the strongest in the world and is the cause of at least 95% of all skin cancers and melanoma. With so much of our lives spent in the sun, […]

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Nodular melanoma - What is it & is it painful?

Melanoma of the skin is the third most common type of cancer in Australia. It can be deadly, accounting for nearly 3% of cancer deaths. One type of melanoma that can be harder to detect is nodular melanoma. It is often mistaken for harmless skin conditions […]

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What are symptoms of melanoma? Learn the Early Signs of Melanoma 

Melanoma is a serious form of skin cancer that can be life-threatening if not detected early. According to the Melanoma Institute, an Australian is diagnosed with Melanoma every 30 minutes. That's why it's more important than ever to be aware […]

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The Truth About Eyelid Skin Cancer: Causes, Symptoms, Prevention and Treatment

We've all heard the sun safety message to 'slip, slop, slap'. But how often do you apply sunscreen to your eyelids? Eyelid cancers are more common than you might think. They make up 5-10% of all cancer cases.  Skin cancer can occur in the […]

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Can You Get Melanoma on Your Scalp? 

When we step out into the sun, our scalp is the part of our body that is most exposed to the sun's damaging rays. And because our heads are covered in hair, changes in the skin that alert us to possible skin cancers are hidden.  Unfortunately, […]

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Sun Spot vs Skin Cancer - 4 Ways to Tell the Difference

Are you wondering whether your sun spot might be skin cancer? While some skin spots are completely harmless, any changes to existing spots or the formation of new spots might be a sign of a developing skin cancer. Left untreated, these changes can […]

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A Visual Guide to Identifying Cancerous Moles: What to Look for in Pictures

Skin cancer can affect people of all ages, on any part of the body. This is why it's important to be aware of spots and marks of concern by conducting regular skin checks on yourself.  Knowing what skin changes to look for can help […]

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Don't Brush It Off: How to Recognise Skin Cancer on Your Arms

Whether you're driving, hanging out the washing or playing sports, your upper body is exposed to the sun more than you probably realise on a daily basis. This means the skin on our arms is more likely to see excessive sun exposure over the course of […]

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Don't Ignore That Spot! How to identify Skin Cancer on Fingers

Unlike the rest of your body which is covered by clothing and easily protected from the sun, our fingers are often forgotten about when it comes to sun protection. This is especially so when it comes to applying sunscreen. And our fingers, in particular, […]

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Early Detection and Treatment of Back Skin Cancer

Your back is commonly exposed to the sun, so everyone is at risk of developing skin cancer there. It's especially hard to apply sunscreen to our backs ourselves and it's easy to miss spots we can't reach or see.  It's not just sunburn that puts […]

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A Nose for Trouble: Recognising Signs of Skin Cancer on the Nose

The nose is a common place to suffer sunburn. It often sticks out beyond our hats and sunglasses, and it's this frequent UV exposure that is the leading cause of skin cancer.  Our nose is one of the first things people notice about us. So getting […]

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Arm Mole Count May Predict Skin Cancer Risk

Moles, or nevi, are benign tumours found on most adults. Despite continous skin cancer research, why we develop moles and why some people have more moles on their arms, legs, or back remains largely unknown. A mole, or nevus, is formed when the cells […]

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Why Do I Have SO Many Moles on My Body?! - 5 Reasons

If you have a lot of moles on your body, you might be worried about the increased risk of skin cancer. While a large number of moles and having certain types of moles can put you at an increased risk of melanoma, you don't need to worry about every […]

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National Skin Cancer Action Week 2023

20-26 November 2023
Every year at the start of summer the Cancer Council Australia and the Australasian College of Dermatologists come together to host a national skin cancer action week, as an important reminder to Australians of the significance of sun safety and early skin cancer detection - encourage friends, family to get a skin check with a GP or Dermatologist.
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