Everyday activities can cause sunburn

Many people are surprised when they are diagnosed with skin cancer, especially those who haven’t spent a lot of time at the beach. Just because many Australians have grown up in coastal areas, it doesn’t mean that everyone enjoys spending time swimming and surfing.

As more research is undertaken about the causes of skin cancer and beach goers are starting to implement sun-smart activities, the reasons why Australians are now being diagnosed with skin cancer is beginning to change.  According to a report that was recently published by the Australian Cancer Council Australia, almost 50% of weekend sunburns occur while people are doing everyday household activities. […]

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Treatments for Sunburn

We know that the best way to avoid damaging our skin is to avoid exposure to UV radiation using sun smart practises. This is important to your long-term skin health because sunburn can lead to an increased chance of skin cancer. However, despite our care, it’s likely we will still experience sunburn at some stage. That’s why we need to know how to treat sunburn, as well as knowing how to prevent it.

Get out of the sun. It may seem obvious, but as soon as you notice the signs of sunburn, it’s time to move to the shade or indoors. What might appear as a light pinkish tinge during the day can progress to severe sunburn within ho Don’t take the risk; remove yourself from harmful UV rays and start treating your sunburn earlier rather than later.


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