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Five Skin Saving Facts about Sunscreen

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In light of the world's increasing environmental problems, cancer and other health issues resulting from excessive exposure to the sun are likely to become increasingly prominent. While many people are aware of the importance of skin protection, doctors and other medical professionals are calling for people to go to even greater length to protect not only their skin, but their over all medical health. Despite there having been in excess of one billion dollars spent on sunscreen in the US last year alone, skin cancer rates remain on the rise.

Here are a few facts about Sunscreen that you need to know:

1. Sun screen must be applied at least every two hours irrespective of the brand or SPF.

2. Simply applying sun screen once a day is not enough, and the undue confidence a single application can give people regarding the quality of their skin care regime can be quite surprising.

3. If you are going to spend longer than two hours in the sun, a single application of sun screen is not enough.

4. In more extreme weather it can be necessary to re-apply sun screen even more frequently than this.

5. Dependent on your sun screen's design, this time might also be reduced in particular circumstances, such as exposure to water.

As a general guide, people should aim to use approximately two tablespoons of sun screen in order to give their face and body comprehensive protection. This number will vary for larger individuals, and of course children. That being said, it is always safer to over estimate and use too much sun screen, than it is under estimate and risk the health and safety of yourself and family. The threat of skin cancer is real, but with effort and perseverance you can protect yourself.


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