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Measure the UV & Your Sun Exposure with a Smart Watch

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Despite our best efforts, it is sometimes tough to realise how much sun exposure we’re getting, especially if we’re sat at the beach enjoying a pleasant breeze. The good news is that your smart watch can now measure your UV and sun exposure for you!

What is UV?

UV stands for Ultraviolet. Ultraviolet radiation is the energy created by the sun (and artificial sources like sun beds). UV damage is what causes skin cancer as well as sunburn and eye damage.

The tricky thing about UV radiation is that it’s not something you can feel. Even though you can often feel the heat of the sun on your skin, it isn’t necessarily and indication of your UV exposure. Your body cannot sense UV radiation so you’re unlikely to notice the damage until it’s too late. (i)

How to Measure UV

Australia has one of the highest levels of UV exposure along with the highest rates of skin cancer in the world. It’s therefore imperative that we learn how to measure UV. (ii)

You can use a UV Index to protect yourself from radiation. This is a system used to identify when sun protection is required. This depends on weather, time of day and time of year.

When the UV Index is at 3 or above, the Bureau of Meteorology will issue ‘sun protection times’. You can track these by downloading the SunSmart app. on your phone. (iii)

UV Monitoring Wristband & Smart Watch

A great way of monitoring your personal UV and sun exposure is by using a smart watch or UV indicator bracelet. These can track your UV exposure as well as your Vitamin D intake.

Whilst overexposure to the sun and UV damage is bad for you, you do also need a certain level of Vitamin D. It’s a delicate balancing act and these smart wearables like UV monitoring wristbands can help ensure that you get just the right amount.

There are many different types of smart wearables designed to assist you in protecting your skin from sun exposure. (iv) The smart watch and smart wristband are particularly good if you’re active and enjoy exercising outside.

Many people already use a smart watch to track their progress and health vitals, why not take advantage of the features that also protect your skin? Many of these smart bracelets will alert you when the UV Index is at 3 or above and also alert you of when you’ve had enough or too much exposure.

Life gets busy and we often forget to monitor our sun exposure. So why not use a smart watch to do it for you?

How Do I Check For Skin Cancer?

Although smart watches and the UV index can help monitor and prevent skin cancer, it’s worth getting yourself checked out by professionals, especially if you have reasons to be concerned about your previous sun exposure.

For peace of mind about your skin, book a skin cancer check today.


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