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Men and Skin Cancer

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With Australia’s high UV index and naturally sun-harsh environment, it is no surprise we live in a country with the highest incidence of skin cancer in the world. Whilst melanoma rates are decreasing – as more people are becoming aware of the necessary steps to prevention and early diagnosis – skin cancer rates are still high in Australia, with the incidence higher in men than women.

Our high UV index is not the only reason why Australian men are susceptible to skin cancer; studies have found that Australian men are less likely than women to visit a doctor if they find anything suspicious on their skin – including spots, new moles, and persistent itches. This is a risky attitude, as early diagnosis is the key is preventing skin cancer deaths. According to the Regional Men’s Health Initiative, an indifferent approach to skin cancer is once of the reasons for this high mortality rate.

Findings from the Australia Bureau of Statistics say that men are less likely than women to visit a GP with regards to a potential skin cancer. This is especially worrying, as men over the age of 60 are twice as likely to get cancer than women. Despite that statistic, it is equally important for both men and women to visit their skin cancer doctor for regular check-ups.

So if you have a suspicious spot or mole, or are tempted to disregard a patch of scaly skin as psoriasis, make sure you make and appointment with your doctor and get it checked.

Skin cancer in Australia is an epidemic that devastates many families. One in three cancers in Australia is skin cancer. A macho, ‘she’ll-be’right’ attitude has no place in skin cancer awareness and detection. Make sure you perform regular skin checks, and get anything suspicious checked. Book your next skin cancer check today; free call The Sun Doctor Skin Cancer Clinics on 13SKIN (13 75 46) today. Otherwise, head online to https://sundoctors.com.au/ and book a skin check appointment today.

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