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Non profit organisation, Mates Against Melanoma, is calling on Australians to book a skin check through an accredited medical professional for Australia’s second ‘National Skin Check Day’ on Thursday 24th February, 2022.

Australia’s National Skin Check Day (ANSCD) was created by the organisation's  founder  Jason Sprott who is battling terminal stage metastasis melanoma diagnosis, skin cancer is a disease that affects 2 in 3 people at some stage in their lifetime. In 2020 Cancer Australia estimated 3036 melanomas were missed during the covid-19 pandemic in Australia2.

“Australia is responsible for one of the highest incidence rates of melanoma, and we’re imploring immediate action and asking Aussies to pre-book and visit their accredited skin cancer doctor” says Sprott. “Not only could you save your own life, but a mates too,” he adds.

Sprott’s aim is to have at least 2,000 skin checks completed on the day and to raise upwards of $30,000 dollars and ultimately help young people avoid the disease in any form, let alone his 17 year battle, resulting in countless medical appointments, multiple rounds of immunotherapy, multiple surgeries to his neck, spine and brain which still continues with a staggering $1m+ estimated to be spent on treatment

“If melanoma is identified at an early stage,  simple treatment can result in a complete cure” says Dr John Hall, Mates Against Melanoma Director and former President of Rural Doctors Association of Australia.

Australian’s are urged to pre book, then visit their Skin Cancer Doctor for a skin check on Thursday 24th February 2022, and support with a charity donation.

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