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Presidents Rx: Gel Nails and the risk of cancer

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While the risk of skin cancer resulting from excessive exposure to sunlight is an increasingly common concern for individuals globally, the skin cancer risks affiliated with the use of artificial lighting is only just now becoming understood. In a recent statement released by the Skin Cancer Foundation, individuals concerned about their health were warned of the 'not insignificant' hazards believed to be affiliated with the artificial ultra violet light used in cosmetic beauty treatments. While concerns regarding the lights used in artificial tanning have long existed, it is the lighting used in the application of manicure and pedicure treatment of which individuals concientious about their health are now being warned.

This artificial ultra violet light can be present in two forms, UVA and UVB, both of which should now be cause for concern in any individual attentive to their own health. Fortunately, high quality beauticians and cosmetic specialists have already turned away from these harmful, artificial forms of light. Any beauty therapist truly concerned with the welfare of their patients is likely to have already switched from UV to LED lights. This alternative is better both in terms of aesthetic and physical health, and in addition requires less electricity than does UV lights for its continued operation. It is only outdated forms of nail shellac that require artifical ultraviolet light in order to solidify.

If you value both your appearance and your physical health, ask your beautician about the lights they use in their manicure/pedicure process. If they do not use LED lighting and are unwilling to change, then perhaps it is time to consider a clinic that puts your needs above their own desires.

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