The following facts demonstrate how the environment or terrain affects the level of UV radiation that we are exposed to:

1. Wet fresh snow can reflect as much as 85% of UV radiation. This means that snow reflection can double overall
UV exposure.
2. Similarly, white water and sand can reflect the UVI by up to 50% and 20% respectively.
3. Every 100 meters increase in altitude results in the UVI increase of 100%. This is because at higher altitudes a
thinner atmosphere absorbs less UV radiation.
4. 80% of UV rays pass through a cloud. Therefore, even with cloud cover, the UVI can be very high.
5. Concrete buildings reflect 15% of the received UV.
6. Shade can reduce UV by 50% or more. This also means that shade may not reduce UV significantly.

In other words, cover up as much as possible and be aware of reflected UV radiation.