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Smaller Bathing Suits, Bigger Skin Cancer Risks

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A new study performed at New York University has published interesting findings regarding rising rates of skin cancer. This research was led by Dr. David Polsky, New York University's Professor of Dermatological Oncology. These study has found direct correlation between increasing skin cancer rates and fashion.

This is not only regards to the fashion of tanning. Surveys show that even as late as 1996, a majority of persons believed that a sun tan was related to improve overall health. Fortunately such a belief is declining. What isn't declining however is the popularity of revealing clothing, in particular swim wear. Dr. Polsky's study showed a relationship between fashion norms and increases in skin cancer. In other words, as people become increasingly comfortable with showing more skin, they have less of a tendency to cover up. The result is a proliferation of skin cancer, and this research calls for health conscious individuals to be aware of the importance of concealing clothing, particularly for those with sensitive skin.

It is strange that despite the growth in education of skin cancer, the rate of melanomas remains on the rise. This research has shown one possible reason for this case, but surely there are more. At the root of the problem is the lack of concern for sun exposure. Any exposure to sun, even should it be minimal, exposes people to ultraviolet rays, and thus has the potential to result in skin cancer. Clothing isn't just about fashion; it's also about protecting yourself. This should come as no surprise. How many more studies have to prove that people don't give enough consideration to skin protection before people allow this information to influence their actions?

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