SunDoctors are excited to announce the launch of our new SunDoctors clinic in Bentleigh, Victoria. Conveniently located at 116 Patterson Road, our newly established Victorian flagship site again improves on our quality of commitment towards fighting skin cancer.

Spearheading operations at the new site will be SunDoctors Medical Director Dr Jonny Levy. Dr Levy works at the forefront of the battle against skin cancer for SunDoctors.  He is passionate about highlighting Australia’s susceptibility to skin cancer and has an interest in its potential for occurring more often in specific subgroups defined by differing characteristics.

“There are some subgroups of the population who are at higher risk of developing skin cancer.

– past & present outdoor workers

– those with many moles and freckles

– a family history of melanoma

– those with red hair

– surfers and people who spent long periods outdoors at play or sport

And the risk of developing all forms of skin cancer significantly increases with age.

You can see how the list above covers a great number of people in the Australian population.”

Dr Jonny Levy

With our country having one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world, the establishment of a new clinic for SunDoctors will allow us to better treat the people of Australia.

Not only does this new clinic extend the access and amount of reach for people looking for a skin cancer screening, it improves the chances of detecting skin cancer early in our patients.  This is crucial to surviving melanoma and other skin cancers.

SunDoctors is a leader in skin cancer detection and treatment.

Our brand new facilities provide the best in innovative detection, prevention and treatment technology, aiming to reduce the rate of skin cancer amongst Australians.

We also have our own dedicated skin cancer pathology laboratory, so our process is streamlined, interactive, efficient and responsive.

A core principle at SunDoctors involves educating everyone on the dangers of the sun and how you can protect yourself. Fortunately, with Dr Levy and his team at the helm of our new site – and a host of qualified staff – our ability to do so has never been greater.

At SunDoctors, our promise to our patients is to offer the most thorough skin checks, provide informed diagnosis and give the most effective treatment.

The new Bentleigh SunDoctors facility is accessible via public transport and located near shops and cafes. Please book an appointment for an individual screening at our Bentleigh clinic today.

Here’s a quick word from Dr Levy, the Medical Director at our Bentleigh site:

To all my former and SunDoctors’ new patients – welcome to the Bentleigh clinic. We will provide the highest level of service, through thorough skin examinations, informed diagnosis and treatment of skin cancer.

We look forward to welcoming you.

Dr. Jonny Levy

Please go ahead and share the news of our opening of SunDoctors at Bentleigh.  One of the most effective methods for fighting skin cancer is early detection, so encouraging your friends and family to come in for an individualised screening may potentially save their life.