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The benefits of visiting a local skin cancer clinic

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Are you thinking about your next skin check? Or, maybe you've seen signs for a skin cancer clinic in your area and are wondering what's so special about it.

If you're not sure what a local skin cancer clinic can do for you, read through our guide to discover the difference between skin cancer clinics and doctors' offices. We'll also look at the benefits of visiting a local skin check clinic for your next skin cancer check.

Before we look at the benefits, read on to learn more about what a skin cancer clinic does. You may find that visiting a professional skin care doctor actually relieves any stress you associate with annual skin checks.

What is a skin cancer clinic?

Female skin doctor checking male patient's ear for skin cancer

A skin cancer clinic is an alternative way to get your skin checked outside of seeing your regular GP or a dermatologist.

Skin cancer is a serious issue for Australians.

In fact, Australia has one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world, accounting for roughly 80% of newly diagnosed cancers each year. Statistics like these make it absolutely critical for Australians to get regular skin checks for cancer prevention and early detection.

At a skin cancer clinic, the doctor will examine your skin and check out any concerning areas of the body. Skin doctors test, diagnose, and treat you with high-level specialist care. They also provide expert knowledge on the latest news, research, and myths about skin cancer.

The difference between a doctor's office and a skin clinic

Female skin doctor smiling at patient from her desk

At a local skin cancer clinic - you will be seeing a doctor.

At SunDoctors, all our practitioners are qualified doctors who focus specifically on skin and skin cancer. Unlike a GP, however, a doctor at a skin cancer clinic will only provide health care related to your skin and won't consult on other medical concerns.

The benefits of visiting a skin cancer clinic

Female doctor examining female patient's lip for skin cancer

Focused Care

While there is no doubt that your GP can give you an adequate skin check, skin checks and skin cancer care are a skin cancer clinic's 100% focus.

Skin check clinic doctors do extra training and stay up to date with the very latest skin cancer information as soon as it's released. Skin checks and skin cancer care is not just something on a long list of services we provide - it's our number one focus and what we do best.

Specialist equipment

With a focus on skin cancer prevention and detection, a skin cancer clinic's equipment is of the utmost importance.

Skin care clinics supply state-of-the-art equipment and software for imaging, documentation and analysis of skin conditions. Although a GP can check your skin, they may not have access to the best skin check equipment in their office.

For innovative, cutting-edge skin cancer detection technology, a skin cancer clinic like SunDoctors will have access to a wealth of additional resources.

Easy to access

As Australia faces a nation-wide short fall of available GP's, and wait times for appointments almost double, booking your regular skin check with your local skin cancer clinic has never been more convenient.

With some general practices reported to be operating at 140 percent capacity, there is far more convenience and flexibility in seeing a skin cancer clinic for your appointment.

Recall systems

While some doctors do have recall systems, often they aren't used for skin check purposes and are generally limited to test result notifications and children's immunisation reminders.

If you rely on your GP for a regular skin check, often you will have to set a reminder for yourself to book an appointment.

At SunDoctors skin cancer clinic, your skin health is the number one concern. We send regular reminders to help you stay on top of your skin checks and any important recall information you need to know.

Another doctor in your corner

When you see a doctor at a skin cancer clinic, the focus is all about your skin. A skin cancer clinic doctor focuses on your skin and provides tailored health care in this area. They keep a close eye on any skin issues of concern, while your GP and other providers care for the rest of your health.

Think of it like giving your skin its own personal coach to monitor moles, sunspots and any changes that appear.

No need for referrals

Visiting a skin cancer clinic is easy. You don't need a referral to make an appointment!

Because their core service is centred around skin cancer, skin cancer clinics are built with advanced technology and practices. Your examination, diagnosis, and treatment (should you need it) all happens in the one place.

It also means you also don't have to be referred to another specialist to get tests or procedures completed. Should anything of concern be found during a skin check, the entire process is looked after under one roof.

Schedule an appointment with your local skin cancer clinic

With SunDoctors as your local skin cancer clinic, booking an appointment is simple. You can easily find one of our many skin cancer clinics, with locations all over the country for your regular check-up or mole check - no referral required.

Make an appointment online or call one of our clinics today.

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