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This Maybe The Most Convincing Sunscreen Ad Ever Seen

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A recent video published by artist Thomas Leveritt has gone viral. This video is not an advert- Leveritt simply attaches UV filters the lens of his camera to highlight the drastic difference that the application of sun screen can make to the restriction and blockage of UV rays. While the technique is simple, this video is an excellent means of educating people on the drastic difference the application of sun screen can have to the maintenance of good health.

Leveritt's video illuminate’s freckles that is invisible to the naked eye. As these freckles cannot be seen, many people fail to realise the extent to which their skin is battling the effects of UV rays on a daily basis. Seeing themselves in video makes things more clear- freckles (even unseen freckles) are areas of skin with concentrated melanin. For this same reason, when these participants applied sunscreen on camera, the sunscreen appeared black. This is because sunscreen absorbs UV rays.

There are a number of different kinds of UV light; UVA, UVB, UVC. All of these rays are emitted by the sun. While the majority of UVC and UVB are absorbed by the earth's atmosphere, reducing their threat to life on earth, small quantities of these rays still manage to threaten individuals' skin through sun exposure. UVA is the least dangerous of these three forms of UV rays, but it is also the most common. As a result, undue exposure to UVA rays can take time to result in skin cancer, but let it not be misunderstood- exposure to all types of UV radiation potentiates the growth of cancerous cells.

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