When was your last skin check?  SunDoctors recommends having an annual skin check and more frequent consultations if you’re over the age of 50.  No referral required.  Book online or call 13SKIN.

3 reasons to book your skin cancer check today

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Because of the real risk:

According to the Cancer Council, Australia has the highest incidence of skin cancer in the world and two out of three Australians will be diagnosed with skin cancer by age 70.

According to the Cancer Council, 2012 saw 2,036 deaths due to skin cancer in Australia, so there is no denying that Australia has a real skin cancer problem.

With early detection being one of the key components to recovery from skin cancer, it is vital that you get your skin checked regularly. SunDoctors has clinics in Queensland, NSW, South Australia and Victoria and there are new clinics opening all the time, so head to sundoctors.com.au to find a clinic closest you.

Get your skin checked by a doctor:

Making an appointment to get your skin checked by a skin cancer doctor, means that you will get your whole body checked by someone who is an expert in skin cancer detection. Plus they will be able to give you a full body check in those places that you can’t see or access. If there are any lesions that need to be checked further, SunDoctors Skin Cancer Clinics will be able to send the skin samples to a pathology that specialises in skin cancer detection.

When you visit a SunDoctors Skin Cancer Clinic you don’t need a referral; appointments can be made by contacting the clinic directly, booked through the SunDoctors’ website at sundoctors.com.au or by calling 13SKIN (137546).

Early detection is key

Regular skin checks are important because if there are any changes to your skin, they can usually be treated quickly, but it is important to keep in mind that treatments are likely to be more effective if skin cancer is discovered at an early stage.

The importance of regular skin cancer checks cannot be underestimated, especially as some of us are more at risk than others.

For find out more information about skin cancer, or to book an appointment at a SunDoctors’ skin cancer clinic, call 13 SKIN (13 7546) today.

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