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Where to get your next skin cancer check - hassle-free and affordable prevention

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Skin cancer prevention is an important part of keeping yourself healthy, especially if you are regularly exposed to the sun, have fair skin, light hair and light-coloured eyes.

In addition to checking yourself for any possible changes – which you should do every three months – there are also easy, affordable ways of getting screened by professionals. Here at SunDoctors, we offer advice on how to get a hassle-free check-up, no matter whether you have recently noticed changes or are coming in for your annual routine visit.


Deciding where to go for your screening

SunDoctors combines the accessibility of GPs with the expertise of dermatologists. Most of our doctors are GPs with special training in skin cancer detection, management and treatment. This means that you won’t need a referral to get optimal care at one of our over 30 clinics in our expanding network.


To decide where to go for your next skin cancer check, you can simply look at our map of locations and see where the closest SunDoctors clinic is to you. Either give us a call or use the online booking tool to get your appointment as soon as possible.


Getting your screening at a clinic


To prepare for your screening, make sure that you are not wearing make-up, spray-tan or nail polish on the day. This will provide your examining doctor with the best possible access and visibility for all areas of your skin.

At the clinic, you will receive a full-body check from one of our highly trained professionals. They will check your face, neck and arms, but also areas that are not usually exposed to the sun, like the soles of your feet, your toes and the palms of your hands. This is important because certain types of skin cancers, such as melanomas, can also appear in areas like that.  

If you are worried about a specific spot or lesion, simply let your doctor know and they will conduct a more precise examination of that area. The entire procedure will be swift, pain-free, and should only take around 15 minutes.


Why is early detection important?

If any suspicious areas are found, it is important to treat them swiftly. The earlier skin cancer is identified, the better it will respond to treatment. Not all types of skin cancer are equally dangerous, but even melanomas, the most aggressive types, can be reliably cured through surgical removal when detected early.  

Your doctor will recommend how to proceed if they saw cause for concern during your examination. In some cases, a mole or spot may have to be excised or biopsied, but in others, continued close monitoring might already be enough.


How much does a screening cost?

It is easiest to directly contact your chosen SunDoctors clinics to inquire about our fee structure, as SunDoctors clinics are mixed bulk-billing and private billing practices. We will also be able to give you further information about how to get a Medicare rebate. Your doctor will inform you about any possible additional charges at your first consultation.  

Considering getting your skin checked? Get in touch with the friendly and experienced team at SunDoctors today to arrange an appointment.


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