When was your last skin check?  SunDoctors recommends having an annual skin check and more frequent consultations if you’re over the age of 50.  No referral required.  Book online or call 13SKIN.

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What To Expect During Your Appointment

Our Simple 3 Step Skin Cancer Check Process
Step 1 Examine Icon
The doctor will examine your skin under a magnifying lamp recording any spots of interest AND you can also let the doctor know if you have any concerns on your body.
Step 2 Doctor Icon
If necessary, the doctor will discuss and perform a procedure on any areas of concern.*
Step 3 Feedback Icon
The doctor will provide feedback on any results found and next best steps to take.
*Depending on the required procedure, a separate appointment may be required.
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Answers To Other Questions You May Have

Do I have to strip down naked during the skin cancer check?

Skin Cancers can be found even in area’s that do not see the sun, therefore SunDoctors thoroughly recommends a full skin check including areas within your undergarments. However you may wish to have only a certain spot or area examined and we will certainly not force you to undergo a full skin examination. We do offer chaperones and modesty gowns to ensure patients feel comfortable.

Genitals and breast will not routinely be examined, but it is recommended that you self check these areas prior to your appointment and notify your doctor if you notice any lesions or spots that you would like checked.

Is treatment administered during the session?

Treatment is usually simple, such as a biopsy or cryotherapy, and can be performed during the session, with your consent. For any more complex surgical excision, you may be scheduled for a separate appointment.

What if the doctor finds skin cancer or identifies me as a high risk patient?

The doctor will speak to you about potential next steps, treatment and provide advice on all options available. Early detection and treatment of skin cancers really does save lives.

What makes skin checks at SunDoctors different from those at a general doctors practice?

Skin Cancer is all we do! This means that we have direct access to cutting edge technology, precision equipment and a wealth of resources that other practices may not have readily available, making our service more comprehensive and efficient.

This means that not only can we examine and treat skin cancer on site, but we have immediate access to pathologists solely dedicated to expertly diagnosing skin cancer, providing you with an efficient and holistic service.

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