When was your last skin check?  SunDoctors recommends having an annual skin check and more frequent consultations if you’re over the age of 50.  No referral required.  Book online or call 13SKIN.
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What Does SunDoctors Have to Offer Doctors

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Why Choose SunDoctors

SunDoctors is a national organisation, dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of skin cancer with streamlined, doctor-led processes and excellent facilities and equipment.

We work with Doctors to identify and help realise goals for themselves and their clinic. SunDoctors currently have 31 clinics across Australia and growing.

Our partnership offerings are as flexible as they are vast, however as a basis we offer:
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Excellent Earning Potential
A dedicated Clinical Training Director focused on 
mentoring , training and professional development
Complete flexibility on hours and genuine work-life balance
Patient acquisition and service team generating appointments for you
Experienced support staff and practice managers
Opportunities to work in an expanding number of clinics throughout Australia
A mixture of patient interaction and procedural work
Streamlined facilities including our own pathology service

What Do Doctors Say About SunDoctors

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Upon joining SunDoctors I had the opportunity of training alongside Dr Bill Anseline in his busy Gold Coast practice. For four days I was able to perform procedures on his patients with his guidance and watch the efficient workflows and set up of his clinic. This training has been invaluable and fellow doctors have expressed the rarity of this opportunity. Since joining the Gympie clinic I have been able to start a little later in the morning, which means I can take the kids to school, fit in a run, surf or do some yoga and then head into the clinic. My days are well scheduled and often my wonderful nurse has my following patient prepared in the next treatment room so I can efficiently move from patient to patient.
dr jenifer luman
Dr. Jenifer Luman
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I find SunDoctors are a great team to work with. From the doctors to the nurses and the support staff, it’s a very enjoyable work environment. SunDoctors is a well recognised brand which helps to keep my appointment book full. The support provided by SunDoctors is impressive, there is always someone to call up if you need anything.
Dr Barry Jackson
Dr. Barry Jackson
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