Message from the CEO

Reflections from the Sydney Summit

Welcome to the Winter issue of the SunDoctors newsletter. This edition, I would like to share my reflections from the 2017 Sydney Summit.

Firstly, I would like to thank you all for the enthusiasm you brought to our second annual Clinical Seminar, the Sydney Summit. With nearly 100 attendees, I couldn’t help but feel enthused by the energy you all brought to the event.

Last year I spoke about our values – and in just a few short months, it was great to hear these values woven within conversations I had with many of you throughout the Summit.

And who knew that lessons learned from the military could be applied to an organisation like ours? It was interesting to apply Scott Snook’s learnings to the challenges faced by leaders of complex organisations such as our own. Our seminar left me with a renewed commitment to act courageously as a leader and a reminder of how important it is to face our challenges head on. Personally, I realised the value of not shying away from difficult conversations that could lead to better outcomes for entire teams.

It was also very enlightening to hear about some of your thoughts on the presentations. Two key themes arose: the importance of communication; and the environment we, as leaders, need to foster in order for our teams to communicate effectively.

Communication is vital—at all levels—to prevent major catastrophes evolving from cascading minor oversights. Communication helps mitigate risk and involves everyone, from the administrative level, to the clinical level.

One of our doctors pointed out a trait I believe is so important for leaders to embody—vulnerability. As leaders, vulnerability is critical to how we operate; we must remember to lead by example and to be approachable to team members so they feel empowered to speak up in difficult or complex situations.

After reading some of your key learnings from the overall Sydney Summit and comparing them with my own, I saw that both of our lists had many synergies. However, most importantly, it was important to see that both lists championed our values of family, ownership, and relentless efforts to deliver best practice to our patients.

Upon reflection, I have three key takeaways from the event I would like to challenge everyone to put into practice as leaders of their clinics across the country:

  1. In the end, it’s all about alignment—getting everyone on the same sheet of music, moving in the same direction, every day; and, what can happen when leaders at all levels fail to recognise the enormity of this challenge.
  2. Be responsible for your Medicare knowledge. Refresh your team’s knowledge so that there are no surprises and ask us for help if you need it.
  3. At SunDoctors, we embrace the value of continued professional development and we have an open mind to innovative techniques and practices. Teach your team new techniques and revise known ones where possible, with the ultimate aim to up-skill our team of medical professionals to the best of their ability.

I am very much looking forward to seeing how these learnings unfold in our practices across the country.

Kylie de Boer – CEO