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Skin Cancer Detection

The Skin Check Process
Skin cancer can occur on areas of the body that do not see the sun. Therefore SunDoctors offer full head to toe skin checks including examination beneath undergarments. However, we pride ourselves on patient satisfaction and comfort therefore patients can request specific location examinations such as leg/back etc or request a chaperone during the examination or modesty gowns.

To facilitate a thorough examination, it is preferred that make up (especially foundation) and nail polish is not worn to the consultation.

What to Expect During the Procedure

During the procedure, the skin is examined with a magnifying lamp first, and then dermoscopy is performed using a hand held skin microscope called a  dermatoscope. Any spots of interest are recorded and analysed or excised if need be.

Treatment will usually be carried out at the time of consultation e.g. biopsy, or perhaps cryotherapy for sunspots. Surgical excisions, however, will usually be scheduled for a separate appointment. Total body photography may be recommended if you are an appropriate high-risk patient, and this is arranged at a separate appointment.
For more information regarding the skin cancer detection process, get in touch by calling 13 SKIN (13 75 46)

SunDoctors Supports Mates Against Melanoma for National Skin Check Day - February 24th