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Surgical Procedures

Mole Removal

Moles that are suspected of Melanoma and need to be removed for other reasons can be removed surgically. This procedure can be performed in the clinic, however, it is usually performed at a separate appointment after your initial skin check.
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Nonsurgical Treatments

Modern technology is producing several new methods of dealing with skin cancer. Nonsurgical treatments can include topical chemotherapy creams, photodynamic therapy and unwanted mole removal.
These options are only appropriate for certain mole subtypes but can be an excellent option when indicated.

Cryotherapy with Liquid Nitrogen

Cryotherapy or “freezing” with liquid nitrogen effectively treats several skin conditions, including Actinic Keratoses, commonly known as “pre-skin cancers”.

Skin Biopsies

Some skin cancers are clinically obvious, but others may be more inconclusive, so when needed, skin biopsies (including shave biopsies, punch biopsies, and excisional biopsies) will be performed to provide further information from pathology analysis. These procedures can often be performed during your initial clinic appointment.
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All skin biopsies and specimens that are performed and sent out will be evaluated by a qualified dermatopathologist – a pathologist specialising in diagnosing skin disorders.

Skin Cancer Surgery/Treatment

Skin cancers can be removed surgically in the clinic as doctors at our skin cancer clinics specialise in all techniques for removing skin cancer, including standard surgical excision, electro-desiccation and curettage. When appropriate, non-surgical treatments of skin cancer will also be discussed with you, including radiation, cryotherapy, and topical chemotherapy.

Scar Revision

Scar revision can also be performed at our clinics to enhance the appearance of a scar resulting from surgery.

National Skin Cancer Action Week 2023

20-26 November 2023
Every year at the start of summer the Cancer Council Australia and the Australasian College of Dermatologists come together to host a national skin cancer action week, as an important reminder to Australians of the significance of sun safety and early skin cancer detection - encourage friends, family to get a skin check with a GP or Dermatologist.
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