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Mole Removal
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Mole Removal

Mole removal is one of the most common surgical procedures in Australia, which has some of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world. It is a simple medical treatment performed to remove cancer, or suspected cancer, from the skin and send it off to be examined in a laboratory.

SunDoctors Skin Cancer Clinics are specialised treatment facilities, with the expertise and infrastructure necessary to perform all stages of mole removal, from examination to treatment and pathology.

Professional Skin Cancer Examination

Our doctors specialise in recognising and diagnosing all forms of skin cancer. Once a patient comes in for a mole check-up they will undergo both a thorough examination by eye and through a hand-held device called a dermatoscope.

If our doctor finds a mole or spot that looks suspicious they will advise a biopsy, a painless procedure performed under local anaesthetic which removes a piece of the suspected tumour to be sent to our laboratory for diagnosis.

If the doctor believes that a mole is a melanoma they may advise for the entire mole to be removed through an excisional biopsy.

Mole Removal Services

The most common form of mole removal is through a simple surgical procedure which can be performed in the same session as the examination.

The affected area is numbed through a local anaesthetic so that the procedure is painless and the mole is then removed, along with some surrounding skin. If stitches are required the doctor will expertly close the wound to ensure minimal scarring and in most cases the patient will be allowed to go home immediately.

The mole will be sent to our laboratory and thoroughly examined to determine whether all of the skin cancer was removed.

In-House Skin Cancer Pathology Centre

At SunDoctors our clinics are integrated with Southern Sun Pathology, our specialised pathology centres that are dedicated to the diagnosis of skin cancer. While other doctors might need to send samples to external labs, our in-house solution means that our results are ready faster and can provide an accurate diagnosis more efficiently than regular practices.

Follow-Up Diagnosis And Procedures

Our pathologists will examine the mole and look to see if the edges of the sample are affected by skin cancer. If our pathology lab determines that the edges are cancerous then you may be asked to come back in for further examination and medical treatment, such as a wide local excision which removes the skin around the previous excision to ensure that all the cancer is eliminated.

SunDoctor  Expertise

At SunDoctors we have a strong reputation for expert diagnosis and treatment. Our methods are efficient and put the needs of our patients first. Our state of the art facilities combined with the experience of our doctors means that our treatments are some of the best in Australia.
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