Post Treatment Care

We trust everything went well during your appointment at your SunDoctors Skin Cancer Clinic. However, there are some important issues to be aware of.

For all patients

Medicare – don’t forget to take your paperwork your closest Medicare office for a rebate. Click here for a map of your closest Medicare Office.

If a procedure was not necessary

Get to know your own skin, and monitor it closely for any changes. , we advise that you got to ‘How to Check your own Skin’ or to and learn how to examine your own skin for signs of skin cancer.

If you have had a procedure

If a procedure was necessary, it is important to be understand how to care for your wound, and what to expect in the days that follow.

Care of your Wound

  • Keep the wound covered until healed – it is fine for the original dressing to remain on until your sutures are removed
  • If your wound looks unclean, becomes moist or stained and you need to change the dressing please use normal saline or salty water on gauze, gently swab and then re-cover. The wound should be dry before re-covering. There is no benefit to using Dettol, Betadine or Savlon etc – in fact these products may delay healing
  • Keep the wound dry
  • Try to limit/reduce the amount of movement of the affected area until the sutures are removed.


  • Pain is usually minimal and able to be controlled with paracetamol. Take 2 tablets up to 4 times a day as required. If this does not help please contact the surgery. Your wound may be sore for a day or two. If the wound becomes increasingly painful or tender, inflamed, warm or you develop a fever please contact us immediately during business hours or your local GP/local hospital after hours.


  • There may be a small amount of bleeding from you excision on the first day. This is NORMAL. Please do not disturb the dressing
  • If the bleeding is excessive (completely soils the dressing) or persistent, apply firm steady pressure over the wound site (gauze squares or tissue are perfect for this) for 10 minutes
  • If bleeding continues call the surgery or your after hours service provider. Keep applying pressure.


  • There may be swelling and or bruising around the wound especially around the eye area
  • The suture line will be dark pink to start with. This will fade. After the sutures have been removed it may be beneficial to massage Vitamin E oil or Rosehip oil into the site twice a day.

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