Skin Cancer Clinics in Brisbane

Brisbane is one of the world’s capitals for surf, sun and outdoor adventure. It has a fantastic culture centred on a love of nature and clear blue skies, however, that also means that people often forget to properly protect themselves from the sun when they go outside. Brisbane has some of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world which makes having regular appointments with a dedicated skin cancer specialist vital to the overall health and wellbeing of anyone who lives in the city or surrounding areas.

SunDoctors Skin Cancer Clinics can be found at a number of easy to reach locations throughout Brisbane, which makes scheduled checkups easy and convenient. Our doctors are some of the foremost experts on cancer in the city and are dedicated solely to the diagnosis and treatment of skin cancer and melanoma.

Brisbane’s SunDoctor Services

SunDoctor’s are available from initial checks to cancer treatment, including:

  • Scheduled mole and melanoma checks. Our expert doctors will thoroughly examine your skin for signs of skin cancer to give you the best chance of early intervention.
  • Dedicated pathology labs for diagnosis. SunDoctors has onsite pathology labs to quickly and effectively diagnose any potential growths.
  • Specialist treatment for skin cancer. Unlike some other practices we have the equipment and expertise to treat skin cancer onsite, giving you the opportunity to have a check, diagnosis and begin treatment all in one place.

What are the benefits of Brisbane’s SunDoctor Skin Cancer Clinics?

  • Specialists in skin cancer detection. Unlike other doctors or practices which may diagnose across a number of medical issues, our Skin Cancer Clinics are dedicated first and foremost to advancing the diagnosis and treatment of skin cancer, making SunDoctors one of the best places in Brisbane to go to for expert skin cancer services.
  • Pathology labs onsite for efficient diagnosis. Having our pathology labs onsite means that we have direct access to the equipment we need to detect skin cancer, meaning that you don’t have to wait while we send samples to an outsourced pathology centre.
  • Convenient locations across Brisbane. Our clinics can be found at multiple locations throughout Brisbane and the surrounding areas, including Morningside, Sunnybank, Forest Lake, Toowong, Strathpine, Capalaba and North Lakes.
  • No need to get a referral. There’s no need to get a referral from another doctor before visiting SunDoctors, making a regular check-up with us easy and convenient.

Book an appointment for a mole and skin cancer check today

If you haven’t had a skin cancer check in a while or have identified a spot on your skin that might be sun damage then it might be time to start thinking about booking an appointment with SunDoctors. Our services provide for everything from detection and diagnosis to treatment, require no referral and can be found at multiple convenient locations across Brisbane. To book an appointment simply call us on 13 SKIN (13 7546) or book online by following the directions on the page.