Skin Cancer Clinic on The Central Coast

The Central Coast is a beautiful oasis of beach, sun and clear blue skies, close enough to the big cities without all the noise and chaos. For the most part, people’s lifestyles are healthy and take part the majority of the time outdoors. However, this love of the great blue sky also means that skin cancer should be one of the biggest concerns for Central Coast residents.

SunDoctors Skin Cancer Clinics service the Central Coast, situated in convenient locations to allow regular checkups and treatments year round. Our facilities are skin cancer specialists, focusing only on diagnosis and treatment of the disease, making us some of the most reliable experts in the area.

SunDoctors Services on The Central Coast

Our skin cancer diagnosis and treatment services on the Central Coast include:

  • Skin and mole checks for signs of skin cancer. Regular appointments with our doctors can help not only catch signs of skin cancer early but also educate you on what to look for to make examinations at home more informed and accurate.
  • Specialist pathology facilities. Our partners at Southern Sun Pathology specialise in pathology of skin cancer samples. We have the ability to liaise directly with the pathologists providing a better and faster service.
  • Skin cancer treatment. Our doctors are highly trained and competent, meaning that if cancer is found they are qualified to provide treatment including same day excisions and biopsies.

Why are SunDoctor Skin Cancer Clinics one of the best cancer treatment and diagnosis providers on the Central Coast??

  • Skin cancer knowledge and expertise. SunDoctors are dedicated solely to the diagnosis and treatment of skin cancer, which means that they are faced with treating the disease day in and day out, making them some of the foremost experts on skin cancer on the Central Coast.
  • Pathology labs are onsite. The fact that our facilities come with onsite pathology labs means that our doctors have direct access to the technology and equipment they need to diagnose skin cancer, something that other facilities might be lacking.
  • An expert skin cancer diagnosis. The experience of our doctors and the availability of our medical equipment make our diagnoses faster and more efficient than other clinics, ensuring that our clients are receiving the help that they need when they need it.
  • Readily available locations. Our locations, accessible from the Central Coast, make receiving attention and care a simple process.
  • No referral is needed. Making an appointment with SunDoctors on the Central Coast is easy, with no referral required all you need to do is book online or give us a call.

Book your skin cancer check on the Central Coast with SunDoctors today

If you haven’t visited a skin cancer clinic for a mole and skin check in a while, or have identified a growth on your skin that you believe might be skin cancer, then don’t hesitate to book an appointment with us today. Our services are convenient, quick and provide serious expertise when it comes to skin cancer diagnosis and treatment. To book make an appointment online or call us on 13 SKIN (13 7546).

Please note that we are unable to accept cash payments in the clinic, with only Eftpos and Credit Card payments allowed – for safety and convenience. Thank you for your understanding.

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