Skin Cancer Clinics in Sydney

Sydney has some of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world. With its beach going culture, clear blue skies and love of the great outdoors, Sydneysiders often forget to protect themselves properly from the damaging impacts of UV radiation. This makes it vital to have access to a dedicated specialist who has the proper experience to recognise and treat skin damage.

SunDoctors Skin Cancer Clinics are based at convenient locations throughout Sydney, which allows regular checkups and treatments to be easy in one of the busiest cities in the world. Our doctors are focused solely on the accurate diagnosis and treatment of skin cancer and melanoma, making them some of the foremost specialists in Sydney.

SunDoctors Services in Sydney

SunDoctors provide a complete service for our patients including:

  • Regular mole and skin cancer checks. Our highly competent doctors look for signs of skin damage to catch skin cancer early and give you the best chance of treatment and recovery.
  • Onsite pathology and diagnosis. Our onsite pathology labs mean that we can examine growth samples on site, providing a quicker, more efficient diagnosis.
  • Expert treatment and follow-up. Our specialised nature also allows us to do treatments such as excisions and skin biopsies in our clinics, allowing us to go from diagnosis to treatment all in the same location.

What makes SunDoctors Sydney’s Skin Cancer Clinic of Choice?

  • Expertise in skin cancer detection. While other doctors or clinics might be dedicated to the diagnosis of a wide range of medical issues, SunDoctors are dedicated solely to the diagnosis and treatment of skin cancer. This means that they have the knowledge and technology to detect all stages of cancer growth and make an accurate diagnosis.
  • In-house pathology labs. Our in-house pathology labs provide our doctors with access to the right equipment and advanced technology they need to properly diagnose skin cancer, resources that other doctors might not have readily available.
  • Efficient, accurate diagnosis. Our expertise and onsite pathology labs mean that the journey from examination to diagnosis and treatment can be a lot faster than other places in Sydney. Giving you the peace of mind that your case is being treated as a priority.
  • Convenient locations throughout Sydney. Our clinics are located at easy to reach locations throughout Sydney including Parramatta, Ryde, Hornsby and Frenchs Forest, giving you easy access to SunDoctor facilities and expertise.
  • No referral required. No referral required means that booking a session with us is simple, with no need to go to a different doctor first.

Book an appointment for your skin cancer check today

If you have identified a suspicious looking spot on your skin or you are simply overdue for a regular check-up then book to see us today. With no referral required, convenient locations across Sydney and expert service booking an appointment with us is easy. Simply book online or give us a call on 13 SKIN (13  7546).

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